Our Vision

We transform your personal image and help you find the beauty within you. We are dedicated to bring out the best out of people be it appearance and personal growth.

Our Mission

We provide tools for people to find their own direction and value in life which they wish to improve upon from appearance to personal growth.

We create opportunities to people to learn from Specialist areas such as personal growth, spirituality, human potential,science, human behavior and psychology and image consultant

What we value

Personal growth

The outer world has gotten so fast that it has been difficult more than ever for many to find the pursuit of happiness. Many people are forced to grow personally to obtain happiness and success in life.  We wish to build a better society and happier society where people have more love and less fear.


When you really do what you love every step is done with clarity and intention. The quality will follow and our objective is for everyone to have a quality experience with us.

Family Value

Strong and consistent family values are important in building trust and confidence in our daily lives. At inluminate we see all the lives that we have the honor of touching as sacred.

Darkness is only absence of light, When there is light, the darkness cannot exist, BE the light.